As the time got here for Bilbo to give it up nevertheless, he grew to become extremely reluctant to cross the Ring to his nephew, and his obstinacy over the problem led Gandalf to confront him instantly about the Ring. At this point, though Gandalf didn’t yet know exactly what the Ring was, he could tell that it was both evil and gaining a substantial amount of affect over his old good friend. As such, he suggested Bilbo in the strongest terms to offer the Ring to Frodo. After a brief, angry debate, Bilbo calmed down and managed to surrender the Ring of his own free will. He then departed from the Shire, and Frodo got here into possession of the Ring.

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By then, Gandalf had managed to flee from Isengard, and had begun desperately in search of for Frodo. He shortly reached the Shire, and found to his dismay that Frodo had only left a few days earlier than. Having intended for Frodo to have left weeks prior, he realized that Butterbur had almost actually not delivered his letter. Furious, he arrived at Bree a mere day after the hobbits had left it, and learned from Butterbur that Aragorn had found them and was guiding them to Rivendell. Greatly comforted by this data, Gandalf set out for Rivendell the following morning.

However, Bilbo’s strangely hostile reaction to giving up the Ring had tremendously disturbed Gandalf. Troubled by each his encounter with Bilbo and recent occasions on the planet at massive, Gandalf began to consider the possibility that the Ring could be more harmful than he had first believed. He initially thought of revealing his concerns to Saruman, the head of the White Council and the Istari.

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Some few years after Bilbo’s return to the Shire, Gandalf managed to coerce from Bilbo the true story of how the Ring had come into his possession. However, he noticed no real hazard in letting Bilbo maintain the Ring despite the Hobbit’s surprisingly possessive angle in direction of it.

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