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What is a Classic Chic Style?

Having a wardrobe full of classic clothes gives you a style that will never die. Building a closet full of classic clothes is easier than what most people think. Classic wear such as trench coats, skinny jeans, or white button ups add flair and elegance to your wardrobe. However, in order to steal the show, make sure your classic clothes fit you properly. They need to fit you and accurately portray your figure. When your clothes fit you properly, it elevates your look. It’s your first accessory. 

Visiting your tailor will ensure your clothes look like they were precisely customized for you. When your closet has essential and elegant classic clothes, it gets easy and effortless for you to prepare for any occasion. Some people think modern styles and classic styles can’t go together. Fashion is about trying, taking the risk of incorporating various designs to achieve a particular style. Yes, classic and modern styles can co-exist.

A female who loves classic chic styles wears monochromatic outfits and pieces that have sleek lines. She oozes power and confidence and has a deep appreciation for fashion and style. Classic chic style entails wearing black clothes, white clothes, and clothes of neutral colors. It goes well when you wear accessories such as a cheetah skin purse or a bright lipstick. What a way to make a statement whenever you step outside. 

In the closet of classic chic style, you will be sure to find sleek, attractive, and modern-shaped clothes. You won’t miss seeing a lot of accessories that she matches with her clothes. Little black and white dresses will stand out from her closet. When it comes to accessories and outer wears, a classic style chic will go all in. She adores a stylish and sharp coat and minimal jewelry perhaps a slender choker. Victoria Bekham and Angelina Jolie are some famous celebrities that can inspire your classic chic style wardrobe.

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Here are some ways you can style your classic chic look.

  1. A black top and jeans. This look will never let you down. This combo is a simple yet classic and elegant look. It’s among the favorite styles for most women. With well-styled hair and make-up, this look will get you admirers as you walk down the streets.
  2. Wearing on outerwear, such as a trench coat, as a top is another classic chic style, and yet modern. You can get to play with the color of the jeans. A brighter colored trouser such as white will make a statement. Wear your belt on the outside of the outer wear. It will make your outfit look cool and classic.

Here are some tips that can help you in building your classic style closet.

Choose clothes with a classic shape. A good investment option will be a well-fitting blazer. It’s a style that goes well with any body shape or size. Ensure the blazer buttons precisely and comfortably. Also, make sure the arms are loose enough to enable ease of movement and ability to comfortably layer a shirt underneath the blazer.

Invest in high quality pieces. It will save you time and trouble when you have classic pieces that you will wear for years to come. A leather jacket or a wool overcoat are some of the pieces that can withstand time.

Go for fabrics that you can work with throughout the year. Invest in clothes that you can style during the winter and even during fall.