Top Shops For Outdoor Clothing And Equipment:

There has been a surge in hikers recently driven by the urge for people to explore nature. If you plan to have an outdoor adventure, you need to own good outdoor gear for an effective hiking experience. The best outdoor gear shops are based near hiking destinations and offer informative guides on outdoor-related activities. Here are some awesome shops suggested by dxl reviews that offer high-quality outdoor accessories:

Physical shops:

Adventure 16

This shop is located in California and has been in operation for the last 50 years. This goes to show that they have a massive experience in the camping/hiking industry than most of their new peers. They even claim to have invented the waist to hip transfer belt that shifts weight to your body efficiently. The high-quality cutting edge gear they offer, going from these reviews of workout clothes is one of the reasons they have managed to stay so long in the business unchallenged.

Alpenglow Sports

This is a branch in Tahoe City, California. The shop specializes in providing hiking gear for tourists who want to explore Lake Tahoe – the major attraction in the area. Everything from hiking to swimming gear can be found there for great prices.

Haute Route Gear and Apparel

This is a growing shop offering good quality alpine gear for hikers and campers. You can get some great deals here especially in summer. Haute shop is located between Vail and Beaver Creek in Avon, Colorado. They are known to stock well known outdoor gear brands such as Scott, Fischer, Osprey, Lowa, Altra and Outdoor Research.

Neptune Mountaineering

Neptune engineering in Boulder, Colorado is an outdoor clothing shop specialising in rock climbing gear. It also offers complimentary gear such as body cams, climbing ropes and harnesses to help you hike efficiently. Neptune shop is a popular outdoor destination due to its easily accessible hills suitable for adventurous souls.

Switchback Gear Exchange

Switchback Gear Exchange is renowned for its good customer experience and high-quality climbing equipment. 

International Mountain Equipment

International Mountain Equipment is an outdoor clothing shop focused on safety and performance. The best part about this shop is their free climbing courses that help newbie adventurers observe safety and climb safety rated hills.

Uncle Dan’s Outfitters

Uncle Dan’s Outfitters is a Chicago based outdoor gear shop providing good quality hiking gear. This shop originally used to be a navy surplus store which means they have the necessary experience to guide you on the best gear to purchase and the finest areas to explore on your hike.

Online shops:

This site specializes in providing all kinds of outdoor wear, including all menswear,  and kidswear. Also it provides outdoor tools such as survival knives, backpacks, water bottles and tents.

Basecamp is a world-renowned site based in Ireland offering top of the quality outdoor clothing and camping gear. Also, it offers guides into outdoor activities.

Outbackjacks. ie

This is also an upcoming site offering a wide range of outdoor clothing at great prices to adventurous people.