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Top Quality Custom Vlone Hoodies

Custom hoodies are used very often at outdoor events, and they are also one of the most effective promotional products in winter time. Its usefulness in sea and mountain sporting events when it cools makes this garment a striking product to insert your brand or advertising. At Vlone we offer you to customize printed sweatshirts online in full color in different options so that you can choose to personalize them to your liking with phrases, logos, brands, photographs, etc.

Top Quality Hoodies

The printed hoodies that Vlone provides you are high-end made from SOLS Brand and BC with a regular design that offers a modern cut for men and women. Simple and casual, it uses a soft poly-cotton blend fabric with a hood lined with a drawstring. It incorporates a centered kangaroo pocket. The hooded sweatshirts are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, weight 280 gr / m2 and the interior is plush to provide warmth.

  • Comfort: Its soft, brushed fabric, easy fit and hood make this hoodie incredibly comfortable and warm.
  • Versatility: Wear it to stay warm before or after your sport, on lazy mornings at home, or as a casual outer layer for any casual occasion.

You can personalize sweatshirts online Vlone Hoodies with the design you want, in full color or in a single color, be it texts or images. Printing is done directly on the garment on high quality digital screen-printing machines in a maximum printing area of ​​25x35cm.

Zipless hoodies are very easy and fast to print thanks to their soft, brushed fabric. They are available in 9 different colors and sizes S, M, L, XL.

Thanks to the latest generation machines we can print cheap and quality sweatshirts online in quantities from 1 to 100 units quickly at a very economical price with very good results, ideal for garments for advertising campaigns and winter workwear.

In addition, they stand out for their resistance since they are advertising sweatshirts and can last for years, even if they are used daily. As for the colors, Vlone gives you a choice between three models:

  • White hoodies.
  • Black hoodies.
  • Gray hoodies.

At Vlone, quality does not mean a brake on price, so you can enjoy the best cheap men’s and women’s sweatshirts.

Personalized Hoodies Online

Advertising on printed hoodies is a common resource at trade shows and events. Its format is ideal to spread your brand among workers and clients.

On a personalized sweatshirt for private or professional use you can print whatever you want, without design or color limitations, digital printing is done directly on the garment, without the high costs of photoliths or plates, in high-quality inks resistant to hundreds of washes. We do not use stickers attached to the garment, or transfers, or plastic vinyls.

As a workwear garment, printing hooded sweatshirts with the company logo or slogan provides a team atmosphere, the staff of the store, restaurant or company can easily be identified among them. Also, when outdoors, these custom hoodies provide warmth in the face of inclement weather. So, when it comes to winter and sturdy work uniforms, branded hoodies are the most cost-effective choice for your business.

Outside the workplace, if on the contrary you are a group of students who plan to take a university trip or a cultural outing in cold weather, customizing hooded sweatshirts with the name, motive or slogan of the trip is a way to have a memory unforgettable experience and also these garments will be an essential in the day to day of the trip.

Also, previously you can carry out a little merchandising business by selling the garments and being able to finance part of the trip.

If you start a brand or a small business customizing garments with your designs, printing hoodies online is a good choice to sell your style and your passion. Upload your designs online, add phrases, personalize with numbers or names and offer this differentiating value to get a unique sweatshirt for someone unique. Sell ​​your hoodies for all occasions: birthdays, sports celebrations, Christmas gifts, etc.