Hat Synonyms, Hat Antonyms

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The Philippi Collection is a collection of spiritual headgear assembled by a German entrepreneur, Dieter Philippi, positioned in Kirkel. The assortment options over 500 hats, and is currently the world’s largest collection of clerical, ecclesiastical and spiritual head coverings. The custom of carrying hats to horse racing occasions began at the Royal Ascot in Britain, which maintains a strict costume code.



Millinery was traditionally a lady’s occupation, with the milliner not solely creating hats and bonnets but additionally choosing lace, trimmings and equipment to finish an outfit. For different uses, see Hat (disambiguation) and Hats (disambiguation). sombrero—a excessive-topped hat of felt or straw with a large brim rolled up on the edges—is popular.

An adaptation with a smaller brim, usually customary of beaver felt to repel rain or plant fibres to protect from the sun, is named a ten-gallon hat. fezMan carrying a fez, a red, conical, flat-crowned felt …