Men’s fashion trends that you’ll see everywhere in 2022

20/02/2022 By telerik Off

In the fashion world, there is always so much focus on women’s fashion that it seems like men’s fashion is being overlooked, so it’s time to change that. This spring-summer season, the designers came up with innovative, exciting collections that we can’t wait to present to you. We’ve compiled a list of both fashion week trends and more wearable, yet nonetheless, stylish clothing that any man can wear this year.

Low-rise trousers

The low rise is obviously not for everyone, but the bravest among us are thrilled that the Y2K trend is back in style. Low-rise, baggy pants with exposed boxers have been seen on the runways by Dior and Louis Vuitton models, and while controversial, these clothing may be worn beautifully with the proper coat, shirt, and shoes.

Wool sweaters

2022 is the year for fans of traditional and refined design, as classic wool pullovers, particularly cable knit ones like Irish sweaters, are the most beautiful top you can have in your collection for the colder days. These sweaters are the ideal combination of elegance and comfort, so if you don’t already have one, look out for the new men’s Irish sweater line at

Wide shoulders

The broad, bold shoulders, which were popular in the 1980s, are making a comeback, as seen in Prada’s new men’s collection overcoats. Always associated with masculinity and confidence, garments with these shoulders, particularly the colorful ones, may completely transform your look this season if worn right.

Silk scarves

From the masculine wide shoulders to a more elegant and sophisticated trend, the silk scarf is an accessory you should have in your wardrobe at all times. Wear it in the pocket of your blazer or tie it around your neck to look expensive and classy. Choose a design that suits your style and go for a beautiful neutral hue or a vividly colorful print that draws all eyes to you.

Flared trousers

Another call from the past, but this time associated with the 70s vibe, the flared pants, combined with a fitted t-shirt and some massive shoes, will make an interesting outfit for the warmer time. Ranging from the basic flared denim jeans to the more interesting options such as brightly colored velvet pants, these trendy garments will be of the taste for those of us who want to come off as edgy and stylish.


The vest is another classic piece of apparel that has come back into fashion. It comes in a variety of fabrics, depending on the occasion: woolen vests for layering on colder days, silk vests to enhance your elegance and fashion sense, and leather vests that can serve as a focal point of your ensemble.


As per the shoes, it seems like during the sunny and warm months of the year sandals will be seen everywhere. Leather, fuzzy, or striped, the fashion houses of Dion, Dolce&Gabbana, and Fendi have opted for very comfortable shoes this spring-summer season. The more colorful, the better, but you can also go for neutral hues if that fits your style better. Just please, don’t wear them with socks.