List of the 7 most expensive knives in the world

1.     Damascus steel kitchen knives

If there is a kitchen utensil, essential for the day-to-day life of those who spend a lot of time in the stove, it is THE KNIFE. For professional reasons or because cooking is a true passion, they must have the best kitchen knives to facilitate this task.

The vast majority of us spend more or less time in the kitchen preparing recipes of all kinds and for all tastes. Having the necessary tools to make this task easier is essential to obtain good results. To prepare any recipe, however simple it may be, we are going to need a good knife. Cooking always implies, previously, peeling, cutting, slicing or chopping food.

Buying good damascus tracker knife is quite an investment, because, probably, we will use them daily. Choose those that ensure a good cut in each case, and that are also strong, resistant, very well sharp and easy to handle. Any great Chef values ​​their KNIVES as essential tools to correctly carry out their work and when you discover the benefits of a good set of handmade hunting knives, you will not be able to do without them either.

2.     Yoshihiro Miyazaki Honyaki:

Yoshihiro Miyazaki is the knife that is only one in his design and is regarded as the beautiful work of art. It comes with a very thin blade that is best for cutting boneless fish and chicken and is any chef’s dream because it is perfect. It was made in Japan and is further decorated with the images of Phoenix by using some traditional technique. It also has a pattern on the blades that was designed with a full moon. The price of this product is estimated at € 3,500. It is very beautiful especially its design.

3.     Lancet Ouroboros:

Lancet Ouroboros is another beautiful knife that was designed by William Henry, which comes with attractive designs and also covers 24 layers of gold and copper. The price of this beautiful product is € 3,800. Your blade comes with a button that can be pressed to remove the blade. It is very comfortable to use and has an image of a three headed dragon to make it different. It can be easily stored in your pocket as it is folded and its sheet is also decorated. It also has a leather case for storage and comes in a beautiful wooden box to present as a luxury.

4.     Nenohi Honyaki Dentokougeishi Sakimaru Takobiki with Corian handle:

As the name of this knife shows that it is a Japanese knife that is considered your traditional knife. The price of this product is almost € 5,990. Its blade is made of pure white steel with individual edges, and its handle is Corian. It is hand painted with some antique lacquer method to make it unique. The cover of this cutter is enhanced with images of cherry blossoms. It is a very sharp knife that can be seen in every kitchen around the world. It comes with perfect strength and quality material.

5.     Black Panther Knife:

The Black Panther knife is a well decorated knife that is available at a price of € 6,600 in different stores. Its blade is made of Damascus steel and is decorated with the image of the panther’s head. Its handle is made of walnut and is further enhanced with precious stones. Its case is handcrafted from sterling silver and walnut, which is also gold-plated. It is a perfect gift cutter, especially for some male best friends.

6.     Gentak Makara Knife:

Once again comes a beautiful William Henry knife, made with a perfect handle and enhanced with 24 karat gold. It has a button locking system for the blade. The price of this product is estimated at € 11,400. It is the cutter that can be kept in your entire collection due to its beauty. It is a perfectly designed knife that is the best symbol of beauty and elegance. It has also been a leather sheath and another wooden box to present it to its owners beautifully.

7.     Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife:

Monarch Steampunk is a pocket knife that was made after the collaboration of Mike Norris and William Henry. It’s perfectly designed, layered with 24-karat gold and silver. It is the result of different precious materials that make it look elegant. It also has its leather case and a wooden presentation box. It is considered as the knife that is very rich and perfect to have at home to maintain luxurious living standards.