How Shapewear Can Help You Flatten Your Belly

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Everyone wants a flat tummy but if you have been struggling with tummy fat, you would know how hard it is to slim down this part of the body. Belly fat is one of the most stubborn parts of the body to get rid of. True, with exercise and eating healthily, we can have a flatter stomach. That said, it can take some time for us to achieve that. So what happens when we want a flatter tummy when we wear a certain body-hugging outfit?

This is where tummy control shapewear comes in. Shapewear is the fastest and easiest way to have a flatter tummy.  Specially constructed to smooth and sculpt, this shaping garment is the secret arsenal to looking good.  It stretches to fit and mold our body shape and holds everything in the right places. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out to a bodysuit or shaping shorts when in need of a little oomph

How Does Shapewear Help?

This undergarment is amazing for transforming the silhouette from the bustline to the thighs. With the right level of control, shapewear can nip and exaggerate exactly where you need it. It compresses the fats on the tummy, hip, thighs and arms effortlessly to give you a sleek shape. 

Types of Shapewear That Can Flatten The Tummy

Once you have established where the problem area is and the level of control you need, it is time to choose your shapewear. There is a wide array of shapewear on the market, so it is important to choose the right pieces that will target your tummy. Below are some of the best types of shapewear that can trim inches from your waistline:-

Seamless High Waist Shorts

This tummy control shapewear short offer firm coverage from the tummy to the thighs. Made from spandex and nylon, it smoothes out all the bulges while holding everything in. The high waist design helps to flatten the tummy, and reduce unwanted love handles and muffin tops. Not only does it offer firm control, it also lifts the derriere naturally.

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Mid Thigh Open Bust Reshaper

This open-bust full body shaper is great if you prefer to wear your own bra. This full body shaper offers 360 degree maximum compression and holds everything in from the bust up to the mid-thighs. The mid-thigh design is great for preventing thigh chaffing, especially in hot weather. 

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Neoprene Waist Trainer

This waist trainer is made from neoprene material and gives incredible results. Featuring ten steel bones with a 3-layer elastic belt, it increases the core temperature and perspiration to help burn the extra tummy fat for a more effective workout. It has a front zipper closure and adjustable Velcro closure waistband. The ten bonings promote strong waist shaping and makes you sit and stand much straighter.

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Low Back Hourglass Body Shaper

This full body tummy mid-thigh shapewear is ideal for the time when you want to rock a backless or low back dress. This low back shapewear comes double panel control compression to firm the tummy. It has non-compression mesh on the rear to help lift and push up the derriere. One of the most popular low back shapewear, it has the perfect combination of sculpting and comfort. The open gusset makes it easy for bathroom use.

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